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About Us

Echo Square PR is a boutique public relations agency, specialising in multi-channel public relations campaigns for both trade and consumer brands. We assist organisations to achieve greater brand awareness, credibility and improved brand perception. Our campaigns are driven through industry specialised writing services as well as extensive media relations within Southern Africa. We believe in a hands-on approach where strategy formulation and execution is handled by the same core team.

What we do



PR Strategy

Integrating PR efforts in support of the brand's wider marketing strategy. Implementation of content scheduling to create an effective flow of messaging. Managing perception through staged angles as well as targeting relevant media with the right messages. Agile adjustment of the strategy through continuous evaluation of return on investment.

Content Creation

Creating original and effective media campaigns that adapt to ever-evolving PR tactics, and staying relevant to current trends. Creating media focused content that appeals to the target market. Writing services include press releases, statements, competition copy, interview motivations and media invitations. Writing for specific circumstances, such as announcements, crisis management etc.

Multi-channel Distribution

Leveraging multiple media platforms to maximize visibility of the brand, this is done by utilizing synergies between traditional and online channels. Communicating relevant information to target audiences. Negotiating space within key media to better promote the brand. Managing of product reviews, giveaways, interviews, media networking sessions and mentions.

Media Relations

Building extensive relationships with key media in relevant industries through regular and consistent communication. Management of media events such as press conferences, one-on-one sessions, interviews, as well as media networking sessions. Driving awareness through copy writing and well established connections in the industry.


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Vickie Slabbert

E: vickie@echosquare.co.za

T: +27 (0)82 411 7602

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